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Flying a seaplane can quickly develop into a real passion. A seaplane reacts the same way as a land plane in flight, but it is totally different during take off, landing and taxiing. Nothing looks more like a runway than another runway but lakes and rivers are always changing making landing a new experience every time and with the thousands of lakes and rivers around it's tough to get board on the same spots.

The Laurentian region is one of the nicest areas for flying a seaplane. Whether it is to bounce from lake to lake or to go for a hunting or fishing trip, the area where you will train offers it all

All pilots holding a license, whether recreational, private, commercial can hold a seaplane rating. Those who already have a seaplane rating are more than welcome to come and take a refresher course to keep skills and techniques up to date.




Theoretical courses
2 hours
65$ / hour

Flight hours:
(depending on your experience)

7 à 12
250 $ / hour
1750$ à

Instructor :

7 à 12
65 $ / hour
455$ à
780 $

License processing fees:

60 $

(Tax not included)

2395$ to

The training is done on Cessna 172 on amphibious floats and includes some ground time in relation to seaplane flying.

The training is done on some of the 40 lakes around La Macaza airport, all of which are less than 15 minutes of flight away. They last from 1 hour to 1.5 hours and can be once or twice a day depending on the candidate.

Formation :

- Flight training:

From a regulatory perspective, the candidate must complete a minimum of 7 hours with at least  5 landings and takeoffs 5 solo.
But in practice, training usually extends over a greater number of hours (10-20 h) to do both exercises are numerous and important to your safety :

• takeoff and landing with or without wind, with or without current
• takeoff and landing crosswind or sparkling water,
• taxiing and landing ...

- Ground Training : 2 hours theoretical course on the specifics of the flight by seaplane

- Depending on your availability

Requisite qualification first:
- Recreational Pilot License or higher

Fly test :
- There is no flight test required for obtaining this qualification.

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