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Canadian Licencing

There are many possibilities for foreign pilots to fly in Canada :

Validation of a foreign License : Simply present your valid foreign pilot's license and your passport to the personnel in the Transport Canada office in Dorval (Offices are on the airport) and this allows you to act as PIC with the same privileges as your foreign license however you may not use a validation to obtain a new rating, a seaplane rating for example.

Limited Licenses: The same procedure applies to obtain a limited license as a validation but the price is 55 $ and the duration is 3 months only. This license allows you to obtain a new rating which will be valid for life and will appear on every application for a limited license. Application for a limited license can only be done once every 12 months. The new ratings are not transferable to your foreign license.

Private pilot license : The only possibility for a foreign pilot who wants to fly regularly in Canada on many visits during the year. To Obtain the license you must pass a small written exam called the P-Star which can be passed in house.

Also, it is required that pilots have the same experience as required to obtain the private license, and have 5 hours instrument time and have done triangular 150 nm solo cross country trip including two stops other than the point of departure. The instrument hours must certified by a flight instructor and proof of the 150nm cross country trip must be shown by stamps of the different airports in the pilots log book.

Transport Canada also requires that foreign pilots pass a category 3 Canadian medical exam with an approved medical examiner . The medical certificate is valid for 24 months for pilots of less than 40 years of age and 12 months for those 40 and over . Please contact us for a list of medical examiners in your area. Many are available outside of Canada.

Cost of the license : 55$ + 30$ per rating + medical exam.

We remind you it is always possible to fly in dual control without any documents whatsoever from Transport Canada.

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