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If you wish not to get stuck due to bad weather you want to work in the field of aviation as a pilot, you must pass the qualification. The airlines require a minimum this training on one engine. Even if you do not want to fly IFR, this qualification will provide you with valuable knowledge for flight in poor visibility.

Contrary to what the pilots think, learn to fly in IFR is not that difficult, you just need a little concentration. Anyone just learn ... You for example!

You'll learn how to fly an airplane solely by relying on instruments.
Forget the map and watch your references will be only the aircraft instruments and radio navigation.
We'll teach you to fly instruments with our new flight simulator and our multi Elite: the Piper Twin Comanche. This aircraft is equipped with an HSI, an ADF, GPS WAAS, a second VOR, autopilot, ... It adapts to all situations of instrument flight we will face.

Training :

- Flight training: 40 hours of instrument time, those made to private and business can be deducted from 40 hours to perform (up to 20 hours of instrument time on the ground);

- Training Ground (not required): open 25 hours of theoretical courses on the following topics: Canadian aviation regulations, weather, instruments and radios, navigation, rules and procedures of instrument flight.

- Depending on your availability

Qualifications Screenings:
- Private Pilot Licence Minimum
- Multi-Qualification (group 1 if desired)
- 50 hours flight trip as captain before the test conducted in IFR

Test :
- Discussed in flight with an examiner from Transport Canada
- Theoretical Examination INRAT: minimum of 70%

Transport Canada reference:
- Study Guide and Reference Transport Canada (TP 691)


Cost of training :

Theoretical courses
(Non mandatory)
autodidact or
44$ / hour

Flying Hours:
with instructor

15 hours
115$ / hour

Flying Hours:

20 heures
280$ / heure

Instructor :
(briefing included)

25 heures
55$ / heure

Flight exam :

1h30 280$ / heure 420$
Examiner fee :  


(Tax not included)

9620 $


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